1-2-1 Pricing

1-2-1 features

Session Recording

The main drawback to 1-2-1 support is that it is only there when the tutor is in front of you! At The PE Tutor, we ensure that the student receives a recording of all their sessions. Offline students receive an audio file, and Online students receive a screen capture.

Keynote Summary

At the end of a 1-2-1 session, every student receives from their expert tutor a keynote summary sheet. This summarises the learning objectives of the session, essential criteria covered and recommended revision to complete in personal study time.


For students subscribing to The PE Portal, there is a 25% discount applicable on all 1-2-1 prices. Not a member yet? Find out more today, it's easy to join! Our 'Bring A Friend' policy also means that every new student you introduce to us, you receive a FREE 30 minute 1-2-1!