Flashcard Pack

btec sport unit 1 flashcard revision activity lesson plan components of fitness testing training

(L2) BTEC Sport U1 Complete Pack

Designed for both students and teachers alike, our flashcard pack is crammed with 64 pages of in-depth revision material  designed in a way that ensures you will navigate exam preparation with ease and confidence.

Included In Your Flashcard Pack:

  • 50 Essential Exam Topics.
  • Keyword definitions, descriptions and explanations.
  • 100+ Exam style questions
  • Revision Checklists for each learning aim.

Whether printed off or downloaded locally, the flashcards are an ideal way to enhance your understanding of new topics and revitalise the memory of old ones.

Pick and choose the content you wish to study chunk by chunk, all the while marking the revision check-lists to track your progress from unsure, to almost, to got it! 

We believe our BTEC Sport unit 1 Flashcard Pack, really is, an all inclusive solution to exam preparation.



Video Series

btec sport unit 1 fitness exam training methods principles of training pe tutor physical education

(L2) BTEC Sport U1 Complete Video Series

The PE Tutor's  video series are ideal for any student or teacher that learns best online, with visual and audible explanations. 

Included In Your BTEC Sport Video Series:

  • Over 3 hours of video addressing the 50 essential topics from Unit 1.
  • 30 bite-size lessons with on-screen teaching notes and explanations.
  • A 6000+ word manuscript to accompany all teaching content used in the series.

Students can click, watch and read-a-long until they feel safe in the knowledge that no exam question will throw them off their guard.



Flashcard + Video Series PACKAGE



Key Features of The Package:

  • 64 Flashcards
  • 3 Learning Aim Revision Checklists
  • 3 Hours of Video Tuition
  • 30 Mini-Lessons & On-screen Notes
  • 6000+ Word Accompanying Manuscript
  • 100+ Exam Style Activities
  • Combo Package Savings



Complete Online COURSE

(L2) BTEC Sport Unit 1

BTEC Sport unit 1 fitness exercise testing revision sport exam pe tutor private tuor pe questions

Our flagship course that is taking novice students from start to finish through the BTEC Sport Unit 1 curriculum, maximising their exam success.

Key Features Include:

  • Personalised dashboard tracking course progress.
  • 3.5 hours of video tuition.
  • 12 separate video lesson with on-screen teaching notes and annotations.
  • 8 Activity sheets targeting all 3 learning aims.
  • 8 Solution sheets.
  • Unlimited use of the discussion zone for Q+A with a tutor.
  • Full access to The BTEC Sport Q+A Archive.

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