(L3) Sport and Exercise Science - Email Course

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Unit 1: Sport and Exercise Physiology

  • Responses of the body systems to a single sport or exercise session
  • Fatigue and how the body recovers from exercise   
  • Adaptations of the body systems to exercise 
  • Environmental factors and sport and exercise performance 

Unit 2: Functional Anatomy

  • Anatomical positions, terms and references 
  • Anatomy of the cardiovascular system
  • Anatomy of the respiratory system
  • Anatomy of the skeletal system   
  • Anatomy of the muscular system 
  • Analysis of the skeletal and muscular systems and how they produce movements in sport and exercise 

Unit 3: Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology

  • Motivation for sports and exercise
  • Competitive pressure in sport  
  • Effects of self-confidence, self-efficacy and self-esteem on sport and exercise performance 
  • Mindset in sport and exercise performance 
  • Group dynamics in sport 
  • Psychological interventions for sports performance and exercise